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BYD will be using NVIDIA's Drive Orin in its next-generation Dynasty and Ocean series cars

By Kenny Yeo - on 22 Mar 2023, 12:30am

BYD will be using NVIDIA's Drive Orin in its next-generation Dynasty and Ocean series cars

(Image source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA has just announced at GTC 2023 that the company will be deepening its partnership with BYD, one of the world's leading makers of new-energy vehicles (NEVs).

As part of this partnership, BYD will increase its use of NVIDIA's Drive Orin centralised compute platform in a larger range of its cars, specifically across multiple models in its next-generation Dynasty and Ocean series.

Rishi Dhall, vice president of automotive at NVIDIA, said: 

NVIDIA Drive Orin has been enormously successful with global mobility leaders that are building the software-defined future. Our ongoing collaboration with BYD is a testament to the industry’s confidence in DRIVE Orin as the centralized computer for today’s and tomorrow’s intelligent vehicles.

To recap a little, Drive Orin was announced in 2019 and consists of over 17 billion transistors and is capable of delivering up to 200 trillion operations per second.

As for BYD, the Dynasty and Ocean lineup covers a a wide range of car types including compact sedans and SUVs, large MPVs, and luxury sedans.

The decision to employ Drive Orin for BYD was simple. Since it entered production last year, Drive Orin remains to be one of the highest-perfomring automotive-grade processors in the market. Furthermore, it's backed up with the support and resources of NVIDIA, one of the leading chip makers in the business.

The use of Drive Orin will ensure sufficient compute power that's critical for automated driving functions which requires vast amount of real-time data processing.

Furthermore, the power of Drive Orin ensures sufficient computing headroom for BYD to develop and add new software-driven services through the life of the car.

The first BYD cars to be powered by NVIDIA's Drive Orin platform should debut later this year.

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