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NUS entreprenuers launch Wraek, the world's first force-pad gaming keyboard

By Hoots the Owl - on 2 Feb 2022, 3:06pm

NUS entreprenuers launch Wraek, the world's first force-pad gaming keyboard

Image Source: Wraek

How do you make a rectangle that's different from other rectangles? For three National University of Singapore entrepreneurs, the answer is the Wraek Tactonic Pro bundle, the world's first force-pad gaming keyboard setup.

The premise is pretty simple. The WASD movement keys are primitive, and something that allows for force-sensitive adjustments could allow for more intuitive movement in game. This frees your fingers from having to switch between the WASD keys and other ability keys, allowing for faster responses in theory.

Founded by Ryan Siah, Chik Cheng Jie, and Chen Pinzhang, Wraek was built on its founders' love for gaming. The Wraek Tactonic Pro comprises the keyboard and the patent-pending Wraek Tactonic Pad, which works like a joystick for your palm. 

Both keyboard and force pad work independently, but can be combined via magnets to function as a unit. The Tactonic Pad maps the directional force of your palm, allowing you to control your movements in game with just gentle pushes of the palm. It is the first palm-controller of its kind in the world, according to Wraek, and can detect as little as 10g of force.

And unlike a touch pad, you don't have to drag your palm across its surface for it to register as movement. As Wraek describes it, the "skin of your palm" acts as a joystick. 

In MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2, the force-pad can be used for camera panning, so you don't have to move your mouse to the edges of the screen. 

If you're worried it's too sensitive, you can adjust that in the Wraek HQ software, which allows for custom profiles and more. The Tactonic Pad is compatible with any tenkeyless keyboard too, and the magnets along the edges attach to any keyboard with a metal construction. 

The Tactonic Keyboard supports 5-pin hot-swappable switches, complete with lubed Cherry-style stablisers. The keycaps are thick, double-shot PBT ones, which is a nice touch. 

Both the Wraek Tactonic Keyboard and Tactonic Pad are available for pre-order on Kickstarter now at the following prices:

  • Wraek Tactonic Keyboard - US$149
  • Wraek Tactonic Pad - US$119
  • Wraek Tactonic Pro bundle - US$259
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