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Now you can create and manage custom Google Maps from Drive

By Koh Wanzi - on 2 Jul 2015, 12:14pm

Now you can create and manage custom Google Maps from Drive

Now you can import data to overlay on custom maps and share them with other users via Google Drive.

You probably use Google Maps primarily for navigation. Maps has likely never struck you as a particularly useful item to share either, save for when you’re sharing your location with friends via WhatsApp. However, Google is now opening up new and more collaborative ways to use Maps with My Maps, a new feature that allows you to create, share and manage custom maps straight from Google Drive.

My Maps allows you to import data collected from sources like Google Forms or Sheets into a custom map. This provides a more intuitive and visual way to interpret aggregates of location data, such as when you want to map the itineraries of multiple parties or a list of delivery addresses. It can even help you plot navigation routes, which you can easily refer back to at any time.

The ability to share these custom maps with other users via Google Drive also allows multiple users to benefit from things like shared itineraries and routes. It's one thing to see your itinerary listed on paper, and another to see it plotted on a map, complete with time stamps and routes. This may not seem like a huge update, but it does allow Maps to be so much more useful in a variety of scenarios.

The update is already available now, and you can try it out for yourself by creating a new file on Google Drive and selecting Google My Maps.

Source: Official Google for Work Blog

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