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Now everyone can breathe safe as LG brings “PetMode” to a new PuriCare air purifier

By Ken Wong - on 29 Nov 2021, 1:38pm

Now everyone can breathe safe as LG brings “PetMode” to a new PuriCare air purifier

Keep loved ones breathing right with the latest LG air purifier. Image source: LG.

With more of us staying home, it has become the perfect time to add a pet to the family. But this in itself can cause problems with allergies and breathing difficulties caused by pet fur and dander.

But that can all be a thing of the past with LG’s PuriCare Air Purifier Pet Mode with Clean Booster.


Filters, features, and app

This model is more efficient at removing pet fur and dander. Image source: LG.

We’ve seen recent air purifiers come with Covid-19 and formaldehyde protection, but this pet dander and fur protection from LG seems to be the first.

This latest model in LG’s range of PuriCare air purifiers, comes with a Photocatalytic Deodorization Filter. LG says that testing conducted with TÜV Rheinland has shown this to be up to 55 percent more effective than the regular LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifiers in eliminating unpleasant odours, including pet odours. Unfortunately, this can’t be added on to an existing model if you already own an LG PuriCare air purifier.

It also uses a multi-filtration system comprising of the Safe Plus Filter (HEPA) and Deodorisation Filter to aid in eliminating bacteria, viruses, ultra-fine dust, allergens and harmful gases. These were introduced by LG into their PuriCare products earlier this year.

The LG Ioniser removes airborne viruses and bacteria, by surrounding the substances with Ion clusters to form a chemical reaction that only produces water.

Improved coverage means it can also remove dander and strands of pet fur and hair to ease allergies and respiratory issues amongst those at risk like the elderly and small children.

Like other new LG air purifiers, this has a PM1.0 sensor and Gas sensor. Image source: LG.

Like other LG PuriCare air purifiers, the new Pet Mode with Clean Booster a PM1.0 sensor and Gas sensor that accurately determines the air quality and detects fine particles smaller than one micrometre in diameter, and can sound alerts if the air quality is bad.

Maintenance of the air purifier is simple with filters removable and washable for enhanced sanitation and hygiene.

Users can use the LG ThinQ App to control their PuriCare device remotely. They can turn it on, monitor air quality, and change device settings, with just a few clicks on the app.


Pricing and availability

It shares a common LG air purifier form factor. Image source: LG.

The LG PuriCare Single Air Purifier Pet Mode with Clean Booster comes in Silver and is priced at S$999. Limited quantities are exclusively available at LG’s official stores on Lazada and Shopee, as well as the KrisShop now.

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