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Nope, iMessage still isn't coming to Android and here's why

By Kenny Yeo - on 17 Jun 2016, 9:54am

Nope, iMessage still isn't coming to Android and here's why

(Image source: AppleInsider)

Despite earlier rumors before WWDC 2016 that Apple could bring its iMessage service to Android systems, it now seems that that wouldn't be the case.

According to the latest reports after WWDC, an unnamed senior Apple executive has said that the company currently has no intentions of introducing iMessage to any other platform.

One of the reasons for this is that Apple believes that its one billion strong user base is sufficient for it to support its ongoing studies into artificial intelligence.

Additionally, the executive also said that keeping iMessage exclusive to Apple device would promote "platform stickiness" and would help boost sales of Apple's devices.

For now at least, if you have friends using non-iOS devices, the only way for them to enjoy all the funky new features of iMessage in iOS 10 is to get them to switch to an iPhone.

Source: AppleInsider

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