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Nomad unveils its first Qi2 wireless charger for iPhone 15 and other phones

By Cookie Monster - on 20 Dec 2023, 1:13pm

Nomad unveils its first Qi2 wireless charger for iPhone 15 and other phones

Nomad updates its Stand wireless charger to support Qi2. <br>Image source: Nomad

Nomad jumps on the Qi2 bandwagon with its updated Stand charger.

After refreshing its existing charging lineup with new products, the Nomad Stand charger now supports the Qi2 power profile, enabling it to deliver up to 15W for Qi2 devices. That's including the iPhone 15. 

Qi2 is backwards compatible with MagSafe, allowing the Nomad Stand to charge the iPhone 12 and newer devices. For reference, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 support Qi2, thanks to the recent iOS 17.2 update.

The Nomad Stand charger has a 21º viewing angle, and the company claims it to be the perfect angle for reading content on the device while it juices up. It is also weighted at 604g, helping to keep the charger anchored to the table while you grab the device and go.

Nomad bundles a 2m USB-C to USB-C cable for the Stand, but its 20W USB-C power adapter is a separate purchase.

Priced at US$100, the Nomad Stand isn't the low-cost Qi2 charger we hoped to see. However, it is no surprise that Nomad prices its products this way, given the brand's signature design elements and preference for premium materials.

The Nomad Stand will be available soon in two colour options: Black and White.

Qi2-certified devices are stated to be available this holiday season, starting with the iPhone 15 and several power transmitters. The new Nomad Stand would bring the brand into a very exclusive list of Qi2 accessory makers, like Anker, Belkin and Mophie.

Source: Nomad

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