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Nissan to launch first EV with solid-state battery by 2028

By Cookie Monster - on 10 Apr 2022, 11:11am

Nissan to launch first EV with solid-state battery by 2028

Image source: Nissan

Nissan aims to launch an EV with all-solid-state batteries by 2028.

The company shared the goal when unveiling its prototype production facility at the Nissan Research Center in Kanagawa Prefecture. The prototype production facility will also be the site for studies on materials, design and manufacturing processes. A pilot production line at its Yokohama Plant is planned for 2024.

Nissan believes all-solid-state batteries will be a game changer as they boast twice the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, all-solid-state batteries have significantly shorter charging time and incur lower production costs. The company claims all-solid-state batteries can reduce prices of battery packs to $75 per kWh in 2028, and to $65 per kWh thereafter. 

The company announced in November 2021 that it will spend $18 billion over the next five years to accelerate the electrification of its offerings. It also announced four new electronic concept vehicles.

Source: Nissan

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