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Nintendo is trying to improve Animal Crossing: New Horizons' awful new event

By Tim Augustin - on 8 Apr 2020, 2:14pm

Nintendo is trying to improve Animal Crossing: New Horizons' awful new event

Image: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has experienced a significant surge in popularity lately, but Nintendo hasn’t exactly given newer players the best first impression of its in-game events. Culminating on April 12, the game’s first event is Bunny Day - an event that fills your peaceful island with a nightmarish amount of eggs that can be crafted into other items and clothes. 

It’s an absurd event and hilariously imbalanced, considering that new players coming to the game now have issues getting bare necessities such as wood and iron nuggets to craft tools. Fortunately, Nintendo recently pushed an update midway through Bunny Day - the 1.1.4 update. The official Japanese patch notes (when translated) state that changes include, “the appearance rate of some eggs adjusted.”

In theory, the event sounded great. The eggs are bright and colourful, and add a host of new items to the game for players to snag. Unfortunately, the event's execution has angered more than a few players who just want to go about their day without seeing an egg every five seconds. They’re everywhere! Shake a tree, get an egg. Mine a rock, get an egg. Shoot down a balloon, get an egg. Dig up fossils, get an egg. Hooked a big fish? Too bad - it was an egg all along! 

Having played Animal Crossing every day since the event, I have personally noticed only a slight decrease in the amount of eggs that have showed up since this update. I’m happier that Nintendo is actively pursuing fixes and updates for Animal Crossing instead of letting it lie, like most of their other games which get ignored post-release (Super Mario Party comes to mind). 

Earth Day will soon begin in Animal Crossing, slated to kick off at the end of April. It will introduce Leif the sloth to the game, and hopefully involve less eggs. But that’s just wishful thinking.