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Next-generation Thunderbolt could deliver speeds as high as 80Gbps

By Kenny Yeo - on 20 Oct 2022, 9:26am

Next-generation Thunderbolt could deliver speeds as high as 80Gbps

(Image source: Intel)

Intel just showed off what the next-generation Thunderbolt can do and it's pretty impressive.

Essentially, it takes the specifications of next-generation USB4 and makes them mandatory. This means the following:

  • Speeds of at least 80Gbps in both directions
  • 50% dynamic bandwidth means peak speeds of up to 120Gb/s in a single direction
  • Support for DisplayPort 2.1
  • Compatibility with existing Thunderbolt 4 cables of up to 1 metre

With Thunderbolt a requirement for Evo and vPro-certified notebooks, Intel is eager to make Thunderbolt the standard of choice for mid to high-end notebooks and for discerning buyers.

(Image source: Intel)

This comes at a good time as USB just got even more confusing despite efforts to simplify it. With Thunderbolt, consumers are assured that they will be getting the best-performing interface and maximum compatibility with peripherals.

It's why we recommend shopping for a notebook with a Thunderbolt 4 port. If your notebook has a Thunderbolt 4 port, it'll work with any accessory.

Intel hasn't confirmed the official name of the next-generation Thunderbolt yet, but Thunderbolt 5 seems like a good bet. Please don't call it Thunderbolt 4 Version 2.

Source: Anandtech

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