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A next-generation Bioshock game is being developed by 2K Games

By Tim Augustin - on 16 Dec 2019, 6:25pm

A next-generation Bioshock is being developed by 2K Games

Image source: 2K Games

Bioshock games have always been some of the most thoughtful and narrative-driven first-person shooters around. They have also been highly successful, so it’s not a huge surprise that publisher 2K Games has another Bioshock game in the works. 

2K recently announced the creation of an all-new studio under their label, Cloud Chamber, with just one purpose: to create a new Bioshock game. The publisher also stressed that the new Bioshock won’t be ready for release for several more years. 

According to Gamedaily, President of 2K David Ismailer said: 

As we continue growing our product portfolio, we remain inspired by opportunities to invest further in our valuable IP, great people and their collective, long-term potential. BioShock is one of the most beloved, critically praised and highest-rated franchises of the last console generation. We can’t wait to see where its powerful narrative and iconic, first-person shooter gameplay head in the future with our new studio team at Cloud Chamber leading the charge.

Much like Hideo Kojima was in charge of the sprawling universe of Metal Gear Solid games, the Bioshock games have always been looked after by Irrational Games’ founder Ken Levine

However, Ken Levin had already wrapped up the series with Bioshock Infinite (or so we thought) and re-branded Irrational Games as Ghost Story Games, now working with a small team on an all-new IP. Cloud Chamber Games’ Global Studio Head Kelley Gilmore confirmed that Levine would have nothing to do with the next Bioshock game. 

Image source: 2K Games

The question remains though; is a new Bioshock game really necessary? Bioshock Infinite was all about breaking the narrative circle between the Rapture and Columbia, and bringing an end to the story that began with the first game. It wrapped everything up in a very, very neat bow - so continuing that story seems unnecessary. 

The Bioshock games have always been about fantastical settings - first underwater, then in the sky. What’s next - land? We won’t know for quite a while, but it’s fun to think about. 

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