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A new version of Acronis Backup and Backup Advanced is now available

By Koh Wanzi - on 14 Mar 2016, 11:32am

A new version of Acronis Backup and Backup Advanced is now available

Acronis has announced new releases of its Acronis Backup, Backup Advanced, and Backup Cloud solutions, which offer a combination of improved performance, quality, and reliability. New features have also been added to make the buying and upgrade process easier and more seamless.

Acronis Backup and Backup Advanced have been updated to version 11.7, which appears intended more as a transitory step toward an update to version 12. Still, this is a major update in its own right and Acronis says that this is its best-performing release yet, with expanded storage support and something called variable block deduplication, which allows businesses to store up to 24x more data with the same amount of RAM, thus reducing overall storage costs.

On top of that, Acronis has extended its operating system support to include Microsoft Exchange 2016, Windows 10, and more.

The cloud-based solution, Acronis Backup Cloud, has also been updated to version 5. It now features automated service management tools, self-service backup monitoring, and a centralized dashboard that combine to make it easier for users to monitor and manage their data and backups.

Version 11.7 of Acronis Backup and Backup Advanced is now available, while version 5 of Acronis Backup Cloud will be available to download later in March.

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