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The New TV Lineup from Toshiba

By Hurrairah bin Sohail - on 8 Jan 2013, 4:26pm

The New TV Lineup from Toshiba

This year's CES seems to be dominated by Ulta HD TVs. LG, Samsung and Sony have all showcased their new large screen behemoths. Matching them step for step, Toshiba has also introduced thir new Ultra HD TV.

The Best

The Toshiba L9300 is an 84-inch monster which is set to deliver 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. Using LED lighting, the panel is thin and can be wall mounted. Equipped with Toshiba's smart TV suite titled CloudTV, you can expect a host of applications to be available with the panel. Visuals are rendered using Toshiba's proprietary CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor. This processor is also able to upscale Full HD content to suit the 4K screen, and that is probably the most essential feature at present as native UHD video is rare.

Source: Toshiba

In addition to the 84-inch model, the L9300 will also be available in 65-inch and 58-inch versions.

The Middle of the Pack

A step down from the flagship L9300 is the L7350, L7300 and L4300. Each of these also features Toshiba's new CloudTV Smart TV platform which is expected to offer a built-in calendar, photo album, a message board and a number of additional features. The L7300 is also expected to come with a wireless, trackpad enabled keyboard to allow for more intuitive browsing of Smart TV Content.

The Rest

The tail end of the new range of Toshiba TVs is brought up by the L2300 and the L1350. The former has an eye catching gunmetal design and will be available in 32-inch, 39-inch and 50-inch models. The L1350 is the budget offering and does not come equipped with 3D or smart TV features. The L1350 will we available in 50-inch, 39-inch, 32-inch, 29-inch and 23-inch models.

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