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The new Sono S2 app is now available

By Ng Chong Seng - on 9 Jun 2020, 9:24am

The new Sono S2 app is now available

(Image: Apple App Store.)

Ahead of the availability of its new Arc, Five and Sub (Gen 3) products, Sonos has today released the new Sonos S2 app. The new app lets you set up and add Sonos speakers, control your setups in different rooms from any room, connect your favourite services, listen to Sonos Radio, access exclusive Sonos soundbar settings such as Speech Enhancement and Night Sound, configure Trueplay custom tuning and more.

Designed to replace the long-time Sonos app, which is now renamed the S1 Controller app, the Sonos S2 is designed to work with the aforementioned devices and new Sonos products moving forward that use the company’s new S2 operating system. In short, if you’ve a new Sonos product released after May this year, you need this app — the S1 Controller app won’t work.

If you’ve an earlier Sonos product, it may be compatible with S2. Based on this list from Sonos, there are a few older products that can never be made compatible with the S2, and these are mostly Gen 1 products with limited processing power and memory such as the Gen 1 Connect, Connect:Amp and Play:5.

List of products that are compatible with the S2 as of Jun 2020. (Image: Sonos.)

If your current device is compatible with the S2 app, you’ve the choice to either upgrade to the new app, stick with the S1 Controller app or use both apps and split your systems between them. That said, if you’re sticking to the Sonos system and plan to add more Sonos devices, it’s only a matter of time you’ve to ditch the legacy app. It’s also worth pointing out that Sonos is now only pushing bug fixes and security patches through the S1 Controller app, which means the app is effectively dead in terms of new software features.

Regarding the motivation for the S2 platform, Sonos says it’s necessary for powering future Sonos devices with new features, such as high-resolution audio. For instance, the Dolby Atmos support on the new Sonos Arc soundbar is only possible because of the S2.

You can download the Sonos S2 app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Source: Sonos.

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