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New Office 365 Subscriptions for Consumers and Small Businesses

By Joy Hou - on 21 Sep 2012, 11:00am

New Office 365 Subscriptions for Consumers and Small Businesses

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft first unveiled the new Office two months ago, showing how the cloud service works with touch, stylus, mouse, or keyboard on new Windows devices. Now the company is taking a new approach to how people buy the new Office.

There are two main ways people can get the new Office - a subscription or a one-time purchase. For most people, subscribing will be the better choice, especially for families, consumers with multiple devices, and small businesses. Subscriptions to Office 365 include all Office applications, additional services product upgrades as soon as they are available, and access to Office on up to five PCs or Macs, along with streamed access to full-featured Office applications on any PC.

For an annual subscription of S$139, a family can share a single subscription and install Office on five devices. Also, from 19 October onwards, any purchase of Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011 is eligible for a free upgrade to the new Office at the time of availability.

Source: Microsoft Office News Blog

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