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A new League of Legends cinematic reveals its next champion: the Ruined King

By Tim Augustin - on 11 Jan 2021, 6:53pm

A new League of Legends cinematic reveals its next champion: the Ruined King

Image: Riot Games

The Ruined King has hit the big time. 

During a celebration of League of Legends’ 2021 season, a new cinematic teaser revealed the game’s latest champion: the legendary Ruined King. A shadowy figure in League of Legends lore, the Ruined King is finally making his presence known. 

You can watch the cinematic below:

It’s actually hilarious how much the Ruined King looks like a greener version of Dante from Devil May Cry 3. In the teaser, the Ruined King’s real name is revealed to be Viego, and he appears in Runeterra to take on Lucian and Senna. He intends to use Senna’s abilities to bring back his fallen love and kingdom, but Lucian puts a temporary stop to his plans and escapes with Senna. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Ruined King is beaten. Lucian notes that Senna won’t be able to stop the Ruined King by herself, and Viego becomes even more powerful at the end of the trailer. Riot Games have stated that Viego’s story will continue in different League of Legends games and stories throughout 2021, one of which might be the earlier-revealed Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. 

Three new champions will launch during Viego’s big year: a brawler, a Yordle and a marksman. Viego himself will primarily act as a jungler with the ability to stun enemies by dashing into them, and possessing them upon defeating them. Once he possesses an enemy champion, he gains all of their abilities alongside his Ultimate, which means that knowledge of the game’s full roster of champions is necessary to master this character’s gameplay. You can check out his full kit here.

Riot Games haven't specified a release date for Viego, but they have confirmed that the champion will arrive sometime in January. Until then, it might be time to brush up on the other champions!