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New IHP platform to keep Singaporeans ahead of unsafe URLs and email addresses

By Ken Wong - on 20 Oct 2022, 11:04am

New IHP platform to keep Singaporeans ahead of unsafe URLs and email addresses

It is hoped that consumers can better protect their online transactions with the help of the IHP.

The Internet Hygiene Portal (IHP) is a new one-stop platform rolled out by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) to keep Singaporeans safe online.

At the very top, local businesses and consumers can enter a URL or email address to see their “cyber hygiene” to make informed choices and safeguard their digital transactions.

As SMBs could lack adequate cybersecurity resources or awareness, the platform also contains resources such as security best practices to better safeguard their domains, websites, and email servers. These can help keep themselves and their customers safe from online harm.

The current Internet Hygiene rating for popular local e-commerce sites: Image source: CSA.

The CSA says that the Internet Hygiene Rating table will be published on a regular basis.

For a start, CSA is featuring ten popular e-commerce sites commonly visited by Singaporeans.  The Internet hygiene rating is based on the average adoption of Internet security best practices, which were curated by CSA and are common globally recognised baseline Internet standards and security controls. These include important Internet security protocols such as:

  • HTTPS to secure website communications between parties
  • DNSSEC to prevent DNS spoofing, hijacking, and cache poisoning
  • DMARC which enhances email security by preventing email spoofing

The CSA hopes to engage other verticals like Banking and Finance and Healthcare, and publish their rating on the IHP portal soon.

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