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New Entry-level Atom-powered Intel NUC Kit Available Soon

By James Lu - on 30 Apr 2014, 6:05pm

New Entry-level Atom-powered Intel NUC Kit Available Soon

Intel has unveiled a new entry-level Atom-powered NUC kit aimed at 'thin client applications' at its Global Solutions Summit. Appropriately codenamed Thin Canyon, the new NUC kit will be powered by a Bay Trail E3815 1.46GHz processor. The new Thin Canyon, model DE3815TYKH, will use a thinner, but taller form factor, unlike the square form factors of previous NUC kits. It will, however, still utilize a 4 x 4 inch motherboard and a fanless chassis design. The new rectangular-shape form factor allows Thin Canyon to support standard 2.5-inch drives, and offers more connectivity, with an eDP connector, three USB ports, and standard size HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and Ethernet ports all available.

Despite the taller form factor, Thin Canyon  still utilizes the compact 4 x 4 inch motherboard of previous NUC kits.

Thin Canyon will be offered at a lower retail point than previous NUC kits and is aimed primarily at kiosks, point-of-sale and digital signage usage, however, it could also be a low-cost consumer HTPC solution.

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