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New App Fights Fatigue-Related Traffic Accidents

By Joy Hou - on 15 Feb 2011, 1:42am

New App Fights Fatigue-Related Traffic Accidents

Anti Sleep Pilot App for iPhone Unveiled at Mobile World Congress

ASP ( today announced the Anti Sleep Pilot App for the iPhone and iPad. Available immediately on the Apple App Store, the Anti Sleep Pilot App constantly calculates fatigue level, maintains a driver's alertness, and alarms the driver when it's time to take a preventative driving break. ASP Technology is unveiling the Anti Sleep Pilot App at the ShowStoppers Mobile World Congress event, which takes place tonight at 4:00 p.m. at the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos in Barcelona, Spain.

Recent research from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute indicates that up to 20 percent of all traffic accidents and 40 percent of all single vehicle traffic accidents are fatigue-related. ASP Technology developed an app for the iPhone and iPad that is an extension of the recently announced dash-mounted Anti Sleep Pilot device. Based on more than four years of advanced sleep science research and Danish engineering and design, the Anti Sleep Pilot in-car portable device continually monitors the conditions that affect a driver's fatigue level. The active safety system has a patented algorithm, which evaluates a total of 26 factors to calculate driver fatigue in real time.

Building on the fundamentals of the Anti Sleep Pilot device, combined with the accelerometer, clock, timer, GPS, and other functionality of the iPhone and iPad, the Anti Sleep Pilot App helps prevent fatigue-related driving accidents by helping drivers stay alert behind the wheel. The app continually calculates a driver's personalized driving fatigue level, maintains the individual's alertness, and ultimately alerts the driver when it is time to take a preventative driving break.

The app is easily configured; users get started by creating a baseline profile the first time they use the app by completing a short risk assessment test. Factors include age, sex, number of hours worked per week, etc.; a total of 12 questions are evaluated to create a personal risk profile. Before each drive, the app helps the driver determine his or her current fatigue status. During the drive, the app automatically calculates the drivers fatigue level by combining information from the risk profile, his or her status before the trip, and drive data such as time of day and cumulative drive time, which is automatically registered by the iPhone or iPad.

The progression of the user's fatigue level is displayed on the iPhone screen and a series of light and sound tests are used to break the monotony of driving and maintain the driver's alertness by engaging in touch taps on the iPhone or iPad screen. The Anti Sleep Pilot App records the reaction time, which is also used as one of the 26 input factors in the calculation of the driver's fatigue level. Ultimately the app sounds an alarm, alerting the driver to take a preventive rest break when they are about to reach a critical driving-fatigue level, offering the potential to prevent accidents and save thousands of lives each year.

Additional Features

The Anti Sleep Pilot App has a graphical driver fatigue dashboard that displays driving distance, average driving speed, and the progression of the driver's fatigue level. The application is also integrated with Google Maps, which continuously gives the drivers an overview of their driving range before their next break.

Pricing and Availability

The English-language Anti Sleep Pilot App is currently available on the Apple App Store at an introductory price of €15,99/ $19.99 USD. The Anti Sleep Pilot App will also be available for other smart phone platforms including Blackberry and Android in the coming months.

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