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Never run out of ink with the launch of HP’s Instant Ink service in Singapore *updated*

By Ken Wong - on 3 Mar 2022, 7:45pm

Never run out of ink with the launch of HP’s Instant Ink service in Singapore

Get ink sent to your home each time you run low. Image source: HP.

*Updated: 3 March 2022 19:50 with additional information on the subscription plan and printer upgrades.*

HP is launching a new ink subscription service, Instant Ink, in Singapore to give customers peace of mind that they’ll never encounter an ‘inkmergency’ as replacement ink cartridges will automatically be sent to them when their printer is running low.

This ink subscription service enables customers to enjoy the convenience of printing when they need. HP Instant Ink will send ink to their door automatically when the printer runs low, if subscribed. They have a choice of different price plans depending on their monthly print load. 

According to HP, a subscription is printer based so if a household has three eligible printers, they will each be individually signed up and managed through the app.

However, they have to own an eligible HP printer and subscribe via the HP print app where the dashboard will tell them their monthly print requirements. There is leeway for customers who may find themselves needing to print more if they need to. They can also roll over unused pages for up to a certain number of pages (see chart below).

Monthly fee

Pages per month

Rollover pages per month

Additional pages per month




Each additional set of 10 pages for S$1.50



Up to 150



Up to 300



Up to 900



Up to 2,100

Each additional set of 15 pages for S$1.50

It seems an interesting service but probably could be better served by the inclusion of paper. I often find a lack of unused paper is more of a hindrance to printing than the possibility of running out of ink.

With 10 million subscribers to the service worldwide, Singapore is the latest country to introduce the Instant Ink service that HP says is arriving at a time when we need it most because of hybrid work arrangements and home-based learning.  

According to Vivian Chua, Singapore Managing Director, HP Inc., subscribers so far have saved up to 50% on ink, although this refers to those printers that are ink-cartridge based and not Think Tanks.


Going green for Mother Earth

The box it comes in is also made from recyclable materials. Image source: HP.

Replacement cartridges ship with an envelope to ship the customer’s current ones back to HP for free. HP will then dispose of this e-waste. This recycling helps reduce landfill waste and protects the environment. To date, more than 875 million HP ink and toner cartridges have been recycled by customers.

Do note that if you cancel a subscription, you’ll need to send the cartridges back to HP for recycling, so you’d have to buy your own replacements.

For those interested check out HP's Instant Ink service here.

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