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The NeueChair is a mesh chair for professionals from Secretlab

By Koh Wanzi - on 20 Nov 2018, 10:30am

The NeueChair is a mesh chair for professionals from Secretlab

Image Source: Secretlab

Singapore-based gaming chair startup Secretlab is going after more than just gamers now. The company today launched Neue, a new subsidiary specializing in mesh chairs for office professionals. 

The NeueChair is an ergonomic, mesh chair that offers a wide range of adjustments to help you get comfortable and focus. This is a chair designed to help you boost your productivity, so it's more concerned with helping you achieve a good posture than letting you sink into plush cushions and recline in it completely. 

That also explains the lack of a full backrest. Instead, Neue is offering things like adjustable lumbar support and a movable seat base and backrest. The mesh construction, which has been dubbed NeueMesh, is a three-layer mesh blend comprised of polyester fibre and DuPont yarn. It was designed to be both durable and comfortable, even after long hours of use. 


The NeueChair also features levers under its armrests that work different parts of the chair. The right lever lets you adjust the height, while the left controls the recline lock. Unlike the Secretlab Omega or Titan, the NeueChair's tilt function is restricted to its backrest. The seat base stays stationary, which makes more sense for a chair focused on productivity. 

The chair's frame, including both the back spine and base, is made from ADC12 aluminum alloy. You'll be able to get it in two variants, Obsidian and Silver. The Obsidian comes with an additional layer of chrome plating on the frame for extra durability and corrosion resistance, while the Silver is just matte aluminum. 

That said, the NeueChair doesn't come cheap. The Obsidian is priced somewhat steep at S$1,149 and the Silver will cost you S$999.

However, as a launch offer, you can get them at S$899 and S$799 respectively. Both are available to buy on Secretlab's website now, as well as Lazada and Shopee.

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