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Netflix's stop-motion Pokemon show arrives on Dec 28

By The Count - on 20 Nov 2023, 8:03pm

Netflix's stop-motion Pokemon show arrives on Dec 28

Image credit: Netflix

In a fresh twist to the Pokemon universe, Netflix has partnered with Japan's Dwarf Studio to bring a new animation series, Pokemon Concierge, for streaming on Dec 28. This collaboration is also the first ever between Netflix and The Pokemon Company.

Diverging from the traditional Pokemon narrative, Pokemon Concierge abandons the usual themes of battles and conquests. Instead, the series offers a more laid-back and leisurely perspective, showcasing Pokemons in a vacation setting, away from the typical competitive environment. You won’t find the customary battle scenes or Pokemons showcasing their unique abilities.

The story revolves around Haru, a newly-appointed concierge at the Pokemon Resort, and her companion Psyduck. Together, they navigate the intricacies of ensuring the comfort and happiness of their Pokemon guests. The series promises a blend of familiar faces, with appearances from beloved Pokemon roster such as Pikachu, Eevee, and Magikarp, among others, indulging in the resort's amenities.

Adding to the show's appeal is Karen Fukuhara (The Boy and the Heron), who lends her voice to the English version of Haru. Complementing the serene and soothing atmosphere of the series, Mariya Takeuchi, a stalwart of the City Pop genre from the 1980s, performs the theme song. Takeuchi has seen a resurgence in popularity following the viral success of her track Plastic Love on YouTube, adding a nostalgic yet fresh touch to the show's audio landscape.

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