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Netflix invests five percent of budget for more original films

By Liu Hongzuo - on 19 Apr 2016, 11:24am

Netflix invests five percent of budget for more original films

Netflix just released their Q1 earnings report, and in it details the obvious, together with plans for Q2 2016 and various goodies for Netflix subscribers. Of course, ‘goodies’ means more shows for us couch potatoes.

According to their Q1 2016 earnings report, Netflix will be investing five percent of their cash content budget into original films for their on-demand content. Like current Netflix original titles, these movies will be new and fully exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

From Netflix's Q1 2016 earnings report.

Upcoming Netflix original films are War Machine, a satire starring Brad Pitt, and mockumentary Mascots. 2017 will see the line-up include drama movie Okja, which has Jake Gyllenhaal. Another movie in the works is Bright, an R-rated thriller starring Will Smith. Netflix paid US$90 million to outbid Warner Bros. for the movie rights to Bright. The thriller is directed by the same director for Suicide Squad.

Here’s the list of Netflix’s upcoming original content.

In the same earnings report, Netflix said that it will be ending the ‘grandfathering’ phase for Netflix’s early adopters. According to Netflix, most of the grandfathered members are located in the US. The process will happen internationally, across the remainder of 2016, starting this May. Netflix subscribers who will be ‘un-grandfathered’ will receive a dialogue box about the new pricing; they will be asked to pay the standard subscriber fees that apply to the rest of us.

The earnings report also showed that Netflix had net addition of 6.74 million memberships, up from Q4 2015’s net addition of 5.59 million. Netflix has 81.5 million subscribers with 42 percent located outside of the US.

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