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Netflix confirms second season for One Piece live-action

By The Count - on 20 Sep 2023, 11:30pm

Netflix confirms second season for One Piece live-action

Netflix's adaptation of the manga and anime sensation One Piece has officially been renewed for a second season, a decision that hardly comes as a shock considering the series' dominant performance on the streaming charts. Since its premiere, the live-action show has not only amassed a loyal viewership but has also been well-received by fans of the original material, who commend its faithful transition to the small screen. You can also read our review right here.

Inaki Godoy leads the ensemble cast in the role of Monkey D. Luffy, the superpowered pirate aspirant, joined by Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Jacob Romero as Usopp, and Taz Skylar as Sanji. Together, they embark on adventures across the Blue Sea, pursuing the mythical One Piece treasure that will establish Luffy as the King of the Pirates.

While the renewal serves as a positive indicator for the show's longevity, it's worth noting that the creators are thinking far beyond just a second season. In a recent interview, they revealed aspirations for as many as 12 seasons, affirming they have enough material for at least six. That's not surprising given the expansive lore of the original One Piece series, which has become a cultural phenomenon since its inception in 1997.

One Piece is now streaming on Netflix.

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