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NAVTEQ and NNG Show First Beta Application With NAVTEQ Natural Guidance at CES

By Joy Hou - on 6 Jan 2011, 11:30am

NAVTEQ and NNG Show First Beta Application With NAVTEQ Natural Guidance at CES

NAVTEQ will provide demonstrations of a beta navigation application, iGO My way. Created by NNG (formerly Nav N Go), the iGO My way application utilizes NAVTEQ Natural Guidance content to generate directions the way a friend does, rather than linear instructions.

Using Las Vegas data, the application demonstrates how an end-user will receive their upcoming maneuver commands when Natural Guidance is utilized. Visitors to the booth will see routes that state "turn right before the tall white tower," or "turn left before the Circle K," which is a significant improvement to the "turn left in 300 feet" commands provided by current navigation systems.NAVTEQ Natural Guidance, released for development in October 2010, was designed to enable guidance to sound like it is coming from a friend riding alongside of you. The product includes reference points that go beyond landmarks to include structures such as churches, parks and hospitals as well as traffic signals, signs and bridges. The descriptions can include relevant information such as the color and size of the structures and can incorporate the impact seasonality and direction of travel has on the relevancy of the cue. Prepositional phrases are then added to enable more contextual communication - e.g. "turn right after the yellow shop."

"Navigation is evolving rapidly with more user-friendly enhancements and NAVTEQ is excited to be leading with these next generation technologies," stated Jeff Mize, executive vice president, Sales, NAVTEQ.

With the Natural Guidance content, applications can provide end-users with turn-by-turn guidance that is more intuitive and practical. Research shows consumers desire more intuitive and practical directions because it is easier to follow and allows the user to keep their eyes on the road. NAVTEQ Natural Guidance enables applications to use recognizable and easily understandable points of reference close to the point where a driver may need to make a maneuver.

"We are excited to demonstrate the NAVTEQ Natural Guidance solution to our partners at CES 2011," says Tamas Vahl, CEO at NNG. "For a long time, we have been waiting to implement more descriptive guidance and were looking for suitable data. Thus, we very much welcomed the opportunity to create a more human and intuitive navigation together with NAVTEQ."

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