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MyRepublic to offer enhanced mobile services using M1's network

By Liu Hongzuo - on 2 Oct 2020, 1:32pm

MyRepublic to offer enhanced mobile services using M1's network

MyRepublic and M1 are now officially partners, with MyRepublic offering mobile services as an MNVO (virtual telco) using M1's mobile network infrastructure. This partnership goes hand-in-hand with MyRepublic's September 2020 launch of enhanced mobile services.

According to the joint statement, the partnership mutually benefits both companies - MyRepublic gets to create mobile offerings for customers in an easy and timely fashion via M1's deep customer insights, whilst M1 gets the opportunity to access MyRepublic's captive fibre broadband customer base.

"MyRepublic is excited to be embarking on this partnership with a forward-looking partner like M1, that aligns with our vision of delivering technology to ensure fast and seamless connection to customers (sic). As a market leader with a track record of being a reliable provider at the forefront of Singapore's telco industry, we are confident that M1 understands the importance of not only providing (sic) quality network services, but also fuss-free experiences to all customers," said Mr Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore.

The MNVO partnership formed between StarHub and MyRepublic is still ongoing since 2018. We spoke to a StarHub spokesperson that clarified that "MyRepublic is an MVNO partner of StarHub. StarHub continues to offer MyRepublic a suite of solutions and capabilities, to address the evolving needs of specific customer segments".

The new MNVO partnership with M1 will see a refresh of MyRepublic's "for life" no-contact plans, with more enhanced mobile services using M1's mobile network in the pipeline.

"We are very pleased to have MyRepublic as M1's newest MVNO partner. We look forward to leveraging their market presence in the fibre consumer market and offer these customers an enhanced mobile service experience on our network. We look forward to working closely with MyRepublic and more MVNOs to create a dynamic mobile network and technology ecosystem," said Mr Emad Bakhshy, General Manager, Business Development, M1.

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