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MyRepublic launches Singapore’s first 1Gbps no-contract fiber broadband plan

By Koh Wanzi - on 13 May 2015, 3:02pm

MyRepublic launches Singapore’s first 1Gbps no-contract fiber broadband plan

Image Source: MyRepublic

MyRepublic today announced the first ever 1Gbps no-contract fiber broadband plan in Singapore. Despite its ongoing efforts to become Singapore’s fourth telco and the Jurong Lake District HetNet trial, MyRepublic remains committed to expanding its offerings as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

The new plan is targeted at users who want greater flexibility and are unwilling to commit to a 12- or 24-month contract. It will cost S$69.99 a month, whereas a 24-month contract for the same 1Gbps plan will cost S$49.99. 

MyRepublic’s no-contract plan caters to a small but significant base of customers who shun the lengthy obligations that come with conventional contracts. These customers will now have total control over their subscription period and can even avoid hefty early termination penalties should they choose to switch to a different ISP.

In fact, no-contract plans are not exactly new. Back in 2013, MyRepublic unveiled Singapore’s first mass market no-contract fiber broadband plan, with a speed of 100Mbps and costing S$59 a month. ViewQuest also offers a no-contract 200Mbps fiber broadband plan, but MyRepublic has chosen to differentiate itself by bringing the freedom of no-contract plans to high-end fiber broadband.

Source: MyRepublic

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