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MyRepublic’s new data-only mobile plan dishes out 14GB at just S$3.99

By Liu Hongzuo - on 6 Dec 2021, 2:04pm

MyRepublic’s new data-only mobile plan dishes out 14GB at just S$3.99

MyRepublic launches a new Data-Only Plan.

Communications service provider MyRepublic launched a new mobile plan called Data-Only Plan - it packs 14GB of ‘no-contract’ mobile data at S$3.99/month.

That’s insanely affordable for 14GB of on-the-go network access. There are a few caveats, though.

Firstly, the ‘no-contract’ Data-Only Plan is only available in 2022, and only to MyRepublic Fibre Broadband customers for now. These users can sign up for Data-Only Plan through MyRepublic’s MyAccount dashboard or via official and partner retail stores. While the mobile plan itself technically isn’t contract-bound, it requires an MR fibre broadband plan, which in itself is a requirement.

Secondly, 14GB of mobile data priced around a plate of chicken rice sounds great, but it’s actually 4GB of “high-speed data” (4G/LTE speeds) and 10GB of managed speeds at 1Mbps. For reference, YouTube recommends at least 1.1Mbps when you want to watch its videos at 480p.

Upon reaching the data cap, users can purchase add-ons at S$4/GB, or simply wait until the next billing cycle. As such, MyRepublic positions the Data-Only Plan as an ideal secondary, backup SIM card.

“The Data-Only Plan is the perfect solution for many customer needs, such as to serve as a secondary backup SIM or for young teens learning to be responsible with their first smartphone,” said Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore.

The Data-Only Plan can also be upgraded to MyRepublic’s core mobile offerings, like its Lite, Core, Pro, and Unlimited plans here.

Caveats notwithstanding, MyRepublic’s mobile offerings are generally well-regarded by its users. In fact, the brand’s MVNO services won our Readers’ Choice award in 2020 and 2021.


More details about MR's Data-Only Plan

MyRepublic has answered our additional queries around their Data-Only Plan.

SIM card registration is free of charge, while the delivery fee for said SIM card is discounted at S$2.14 (U.P. S$10.70). Existing Fibre Broadband customers can head down to physical stores and purchase Data-Only Plan, skipping out entirely on delivery fees. There are no additional fees at the point of signing up.

Once a user hits the 14GB data cap, they will no longer be able to access the Internet. Given that there's a hardstop measure, there are no excess data charges. Users can purchase data boosters (S$4 per GB) through the MyRepublic app for instant uncapping, if they really need it. Alternatively, they can wait for the billing cycle to refresh.

Each Fibre Broadband subscriber can obtain up to five mobile lines per NRIC, subjected to MyRepublic's business guidelines.

More details will surface after its launch in 2022.

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