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MyRepublic gears up for the third season of Achievement Unlocked on 25 April

By Kenneth Ang - on 21 Apr 2022, 6:25pm

MyRepublic gears up for the third season of Achievement Unlocked on 25 April

Image: MyRepublic

Yesterday, MyRepublic announced that the latest season of Achievement Unlocked, a local esports festival centered on bringing Singaporean gamers together, will be kicking off next Monday, 25 April. Pioneered by MyRepublic GAMER back in 2020, this year marks the third edition of the homegrown initiative, and naturally, it sports a new lineup of featured titles that gamers can "compete" in. 

Specifically, the list for 2022 includes four immensely popular titles: Elden Ring, Stardew Valley, Valorant, and Genshin Impact. Starting from 25 April all the way to 26 June, players will be able to attempt a myriad of Achievement Unlocked challenges for each of the four games, and those who manage to complete them the fastest will qualify for a swath of attractive prizes. Notably, these challenges will be split into two categories, namely Season Achievements and Weekly Achievements

Regarding the former, each of the four titles will feature five different Season Achievements for a grand total of 20, and all players have to do to qualify for the prizes is to complete them within the aforementioned Achievement Unlocked season (25 April to 26 June).

However, for Weekly Achievements, the arrangement is a little different. The four titles will be on a weekly rotation over the two-month season with three different challenges each time, bringing the total to 24 possible Weekly Achievements. Gamers will thus have to complete the available trio of challenges each week to qualify for the prizes in this category.

As for the pool of prizes, MyRepublic has provided that it features a diverse mix of items, ranging from copies of Elden Ring: Collector's Edition to branded gaming peripherals and even Grab vouchers. More details on these prizes, as well as the challenge itself will be made available via the official Achievement Unlocked page on 25 April. 

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