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MSI showcases new backpack PC for VR gamers

By Dr. Jimmy Tang - on 31 May 2016, 11:02pm

MSI showcases new backpack PC for VR gamers

MSI leads the way in VR gaming with the new backpack PC that gives users an unhindered VR experience.

One of the greatest challenges in Virtual Reality (VR) is the amount of cables required by the headset and it can be quite hazardous as one could unknowingly trip over these cables. Until VR headsets can operate wirelessly with the required latency, cables would remain a vital component of any headset. If you can't detach the headset from the PC, then what can you do? MSI's answer is to make the PC a part of the VR hardware. And leading the way in VR gaming, MSI today showcased its latest backpack PC designed specifically for VR gamers.

At the Computex Taipei 2016 show today, MSI demonstrated its solution to a hazard-free VR gaming. Packed inside a sturdy and brightly colored backpack is a gaming PC equipped with the latest Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. It also comes with a large enough battery that can give you at least 1.5 hours worth of VR gaming time. Located above the backpack are all the ports required to get your headset connected to the system. Of course, if you so choose to run it as a regular PC, you can do it too.

Wires from the headset runs behind your neck directly into the backpack PC. There are no dangling wires that can possibly cause you to trip. Also, you can see air vents on the side of the PC which provides airflow to keep components cool and preventing excessive heat from reaching your back.

As expected, the backpack will be heavy and it weighs about 4.5kg alone. That's expected since you're looking at a desktop class gaming machine with a sizable battery pack. We can only hope that as gaming hardware becomes more powerful, such backpacks may also shrink and lighten in the future. But for now, there's no denying that MSI is leading the way in true VR mobility. That said, we think this might just be the kind of gaming hardware you'll want to buy if you want to experience the freedom to move around freely in your gaming environment.

At this time, details are limited and we are not sure of its availability and price. We'll have more details when we get them, so do keep your eyes peeled. For now, you can see how it looks and feel on someone testing the backpack PC in the video below.

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