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MSI’s Dragon Center 2.0 is a rejuvenated one-stop control pod for MSI gaming notebooks

By Vijay Anand - on 6 Jun 2018, 9:55am

MSI’s Dragon Center 2.0 is a rejuvenated one-stop control pod for MSI gaming notebooks

All the monitoring, maintenance and optimizing tools at your fingertips.

Most MSI gaming notebooks have advanced so much that they have several micro configuration applications to control their features like the per-key RGB lighting, True Color display control, Nahemic audio enhancement, system cooling and much more.

To tidy things up, MSI revamped its Dragon Center utility to version 2.0 offering a new UI to bring all the necessary control, optimization, and maintenance needs under one control panel and binding them to user profiles to execute a variety of preferences at one swoop. It also offers advanced configuration options to power users and a dedicated gaming mode, which automatically optimizes system performance and turns on game-specific keyboard lighting for select titles (which you can override if you so wish to do so).

A quick look at the details you get off the notebook's vitals from the main screen.

All your system vitals can also be condensed into a floating bar, which you can control if you want it to persist even while you play a game, resize it or even hide it. Handy info when your optimizing the notebook's performance or troubleshooting it.

Here are some of the profile configuration options where you can combine several system properties that will be set in accordance to the profile activated, including system performance levels, display settings, and even apps to launch concurrently.

You can even establish a mobile link through a handshake process when both the machine and your phone are in the same network SSID. This will then allow you to control most of the Dragon Center 2.0 utility options on the fly while you’re in a game or busy rendering in an application.

Last but not least, the new Dragon Center 2.0 even consolidates system recovery, manual, product registration, battery calibration, user manuals and other useful system tools all under its control panel.

The Dragon Center 2.0 will be pre-loaded to all 8th generation Intel Core processor-based MSI gaming notebooks.

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