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MSI Launches N580GTX Lightning and R6970 Lightning

By Joy Hou - on 28 Mar 2011, 8:49am

MSI Launches N580GTX Lightning and R6970 Lightning

MSI unveiled two flagship cards: the N580GTX Lightning and the R6970 Lightning. These cards are specifically designed to handle the extreme overclocking which eager gamers and media outlets around the world have been waiting for. Industry-leading Power4 architecture and Twin Frozr III dual-fan cooling with innovative Propeller Blade technology brings together a solid power supply with advanced cooling technology. This results in huge boosts to overclocking potential and stability, enabling the air-cooled N580GTX Lightning to break the 1GHz core clock barrier with ease. The Lightning series of graphic cards is designed to offer the ultimate in overclocking capabilities and is the superior choice for overclocking enthusiasts seeking to set new world records!

Industry-leading Power4 Architecture for Overclocking Reliability

N580GTX Lightning

The MSI N580GTX/R6970 Lightning graphic cards inherit the impressive Power4 architecture from previous Lightning cards along with improved components and design in four areas. The PWM module is twice as large as before and provides double the amount of current to the GPU. Memory has its own independent power supply using an 8-pin connector for minimum interference to greatly increase overclocking potential. The next-generation Proadlizer capacitor increases signal stability by leaps and bounds while CopperMOS, the industry's best MOSFET, provides the GPU with a large and stable power supply. Combined, these features provide ordinary users as well as extreme overclocking enthusiasts with a more stable operating environment and the best performance out there.

R6970 Lightning

Twin Frozr III and Propeller Blade Technology Takes Cooling to the Next Level

The all new Twin Frozr III cooling design utilizes the innovative Propeller Blade technology to double the amount of airflow compared to conventional fans. The airflow also covers a large surface to remove heat quickly and effectively, and when you add in twin 9cm PWM fans, SuperPipe technology, and the Form-in-one heatsink, the result is GPU operating temperatures 21/26 degree celsius lower than the reference board when the N580GTX/R6970 Lightning are operating under full loads. Fan noise is also 5dB/11dB lower in addition to having much higher overclocking potential.

Overclocking Potential Unleashed with GPU/Memory/PLL(VDDCI) Triple Overvoltage

The MSI N580GTX/R6970 Lightning graphic cards come with the latest version of MSI's exclusive Afterburner V2.1.0 overclocking utility. The utility not only adjusts GPU and memory clock but also manage the GPU/Memory/PLL(VDDCI) voltages to maximize overclocking potential. Thanks to Triple Overvoltage, the overclocking potential of N580GTX Lightning is 30% higher than the reference board and offers enthusiasts ultimate performance.

King of Extreme Overloading

For hardware enthusiasts, the MSI N580GTX/R6970 Lightning graphic cards come with exclusive extreme overclocking features. Apart from V-Check Points and V-Switch for monitoring and adjusting the GPU/Memory/PLL(VDDCI) voltages in real time, Dual Bios and XtremeCool switches help to effectively prevent potential problems stemming from liquid nitrogen cooling. PWM Clock Tuner also helps to increase overclocking potential. All of these come together to make the N580GTX/R6950 Lightning the ultimate graphic cards for extreme overclocking.

Carefully Selected Materials

The MSI N580GTX/R6970 Lightning graphic cards use top-quality Military Class II components including All Solid Cap for overclocking and full-speed operation, SFC for 10% higher efficiency, and 30% increase in maximum current, as well as Hi-c Cap with Tantalum core which boasts 8 times the lifetime of conventional solid capacitors. These high-quality components not only increase the graphic cards' overall service life but also enhance GPU stability.

The N580GTX/R6970 Lightning includes several new exclusive features such as Power4 architecture, Twin Frozr III Thermal Design, Triple Overvoltage by Afterburner as well as the latest Military Class II components, which make them the new kings in the graphics card world. The design of the graphics card represents MSI's unceasing commitment to delivering new breakthroughs and providing consumers with product features and overclocking potential that exceed their expectations.

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