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MSI Introduces R9 290 & R9 290X Gaming 4G Graphics Cards

By Joy Hou - on 26 Dec 2013, 4:49pm

MSI Introduces R9 290 & R9 290X Gaming 4G Graphics Cards

MSI has released its R9 290 Gaming 4G and R9 290X Gaming 4G graphics cards.

Image source: MSI.

Employing MSI's Twin Frozr IV Advanced design, the cards come with AMD PowerTune technology, and Mantle support in BF4 (Battlefield 4). With the bundled MSI Gaming app, gamers can quickly switch between three pre-sets including a silent mode optimized for power efficiency and an overclocking and OC Mode to get the most power out of your graphics card, without worrying about learning how to overclock.

The MSI Twin Frozr IV Advanced design utilizes a larger copper base for heat absorption. The heat pipes are in contact with a bigger part of the heat sink and are exposed to more airflow to ensure the highest performance of the GPU, while dual form-in-one heat sinks also help reinforce cooling abilities.

AMD TrueAudio technology enables far more realistic positional audio and the added advantage of surround sound over connected displays. Mantle allows game developers to directly communicate with the GPU optimizing GPU performance. This can be displayed in a Ultra HD / 4K resolution as the new graphics cards are optimized to deliver 4K resolutions. Users can hook up via DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort connectors. Up to six dedicated displays can be connected to the cards for an Eyefinity experience.

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