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Mozilla: Firefox Tablet is Coming Soon

By Sidney Wong - on 2 Jul 2013, 10:49am

Mozilla: Firefox Tablet is Coming Soon

With the first smartphones based on Firefox OS hitting retail stores in Spain this week, Mozilla's Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich has yet another surprise announcement.

According to CITE World, Eich said that his company is working hard to deliver a tablet powered by Firefox OS soon. While he declined to reveal more details, Eich mentioned that tablets have been one of the products the company had in mind when developing Firefox OS. However, the community of developers expressed their interests and provided feedback to Mozilla that they wanted to focus on smartphones.

Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich - "So we went to smartphones, but we're going to get to tablets ASAP." 

It seems that Mozilla is gearing up for an attempt to tackle the tablet market. It was reported that its Taiwan office demonstrated a prototype tablet running on Firefox OS last month, which was developed with Foxconn. 

Eich remarked that the Firefox OS scales up well with different screen sizes. He felt that the Web does a better job at scaling than any other graphical user interface (UI) system he has seen, thanks to CSS.

We saw the first commercial built of the Firefox OS at Mobile World Congress 2013, where four hardware makers - Alcatel, LG, ZTE, and Huawei - were announced to be building Firefox phones. Two months later, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said that the company is rolling out Firefox OS to five countries in June, followed by 11 more by the end of the year. Below is a video preview of the Firefox OS:

Source: CITE World via PhoneArena

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