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Mozilla Firefox OS is now available as an app for your Android device.

By Wong Chung Wee - on 13 Nov 2015, 10:52am

The Mozilla Firefox OS is now available as an app for your Android device.

(Image source: Mozilla)

The Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is now available as an app for your supported Android device. According to a blog post by the Product Manager of Firefox OS, this early, experimental build of the OS allows you to try it without having to re-flash and replace the device’s current Android installation. This “non-destructive” app will allow developer to dry run the open-source operating system on support Android devices. The new features of the OS include:-

  • Add-ons: Like the Firefox web browser, Firefox OS add-ons extend the capabilities of existing applications, and this feature can even be extended to system apps.
  • Private browsing with tracking protection: This new Firefox privacy feature allows user to control how their browsing habits are been tracked across visited sites.
  • Pin the Web: This feature allows for seamless web browsing experience as the user can use it to pin any site to the home screen for later viewing at his convenience.

(Image source: Mozilla)  (Image source: Mozilla)

The new OS can be downloaded as an APK and sideloaded onto an Android device. However, as the OS is run as an application within the Android environment, some system applications of Firefox OS may conflict with those of the host OS. Therefore, it’s highly likely that bugs or odd system behavior will be encountered. So if you are ready to take the plug with the new Firefox OS, do make sure your Android device is powered by an ARM-based processor, like the 18.4” Samsung Galaxy View tablet. If your device is powered by an x86 processor, like the ASUS ZenPad C 7.0, you are out of luck as the current build of Firefox OS only works on ARM-based Android devices. For more information, check out its official page here.

(Source: Mozilla via GSMArena)

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