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More than SUHD TVs up its sleeves, Samsung releases 2015 UHD TV line-up

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 17 Apr 2015, 6:08pm

More than SUHD TVs up its sleeves, Samsung releases 2015 UHD TV line-up

 The cheapest curved 4K UHD TV from Samsung is the 40-inch JU6600, which goes for S$1,599.

Apart from showing off its new quantum-dot-based, Tizen-running SUHD TVs, the JS9000 and JS9500, Samsung's today also released a handful of other models to beef up its 4K UHD TV line-up. They are the JU7500, JU7000, JU6600, and JU6400. The JU7500 and JU6600 are curved UHD TVs, while the JU7000 and the JU6400 are flat UHD TVs.

First things first. All of Samsung's new 40 and 48-inch curved UHD TVs (like those in the JU6600 series) have been enhanced with better curvatures. The new models feature a curvature of 3000R, which according to Samsung, is great for rooms with shorter viewing distances. Bigger models (55 inches and up) have a curvature of 4200R, unchanged from 2014's curved models. All 2015 curved UHD TVs now also sport the Auto Depth Enhancer technology, which is only available to the flagship models before this.

The JU7500 is the belle of the ball among the four, with more features and bigger sizes available.

Leading the (non-S) 4K UHD series is the JU7500. It features a new bezel with a chamfer design, which is similar to the one found on the JS9500 SUHD TV. It has Samsung's Peak Illuminator tech for improved brightness and Precision Black tech for higher contrast. It also uses the One Connect Mini, which is a tiny box where all the audio and video ports are, making tangled wires a thing of the past. The JU7500 curved UHD TV is available in 55, 65, and 78-inch screen sizes. The 55-inch model goes for S$3,999, the 65-inch S$5,499, and the 78-inch S$10,999.

The other curved UHD TV, the JU6600, features a shirring design at the rear. Whereas the JU7500 shares visual similarities with the JS9500 SUHD TV, the JU6600 shares some of its visual designs with the JS9000 SUHD TV. It also has a structural stand to create a floating screen illusion. The JU6600 curved UHD TV is available in 40, 48, 55, and 65-inch sizes. Prices are S$1,599, S$2,199, S$3,299, and S$4,699 respectively.

For those that aren't interested in curved TVs, Samsung's two new flat UHD TVs too. The flat JU7000 is available in 55 and 65-inch sizes, and they go for S$3,699 and S$5,099 respectively. The other option, the JU6400, has more screen size options: 40, 48, 55, and 65 inches; and they're priced at S$1,399, S$1,999, S$3,099, and S$4,299 respectively. Both the JU7000 and JU6400 series feature Samsung's Contrast Enhancer tech for improved contrast.

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