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More than 1.4 billion Android devices vulnerable to Stagefright 2.0

By Cookie Monster - on 3 Oct 2015, 8:00am

More than 1.4 billion Android devices vulnerable to Stagefright 2.0

 Stagefright strikes back again.

Even before most Android devices get the security patches to fix the Stagefright bug, Stagefright 2.0 surfaces and is even more deadly.

According to the same mobile security firm that discovered the Stagefright bug in July, more than 1.4 billion Android devices are affected by the new set of two vulnerabilities. Apparently, hackers can gain access to an Android device by tricking the user to visit a website that host malicious MP3 or MP4 files. What's worse is the fact that these two vulnerabilities can allow hackers to trigger the first bug in newer Android versions such as 5.0 and above.

The Android security team told The Verge that there is no active exploitation at the moment and it is working to fix the Stagefright bugs in the core Android code. The software patch will be included in the October Monthly Security Update, which was issued to partners earlier last month and is scheduled to roll out to Nexus phones on 5th October. It remains to be seen how soon can the other Android vendors issue the patch to their devices.

Source: Zimperium's blog via The Verge

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