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Meet the new heirs of mid-tower PC chassis: The Montech Air 903 series casings

By Team HardwareZone - on 3 Jul 2023, 10:15am

Meet the new heirs of mid-tower PC chassis: the Montech Air 903 series cases!

Montech Air 903 chassis range

Montech, a relatively new gaming brand from Taiwan, has launched the Air 903 Max and Air 903 Base. They are the latest entrants to its mid-tower Air series PC chassis range.

The Air 903 chassis series has two SKUs, which are the Air 903 Max and Air 903 Base. Each SKU comes in two colours, black or white; the Air 903 Max is a souped-up version of its brethren, the Air 903 Base.

The Air 903 Max (white).

The Air 903 Max sports the typical dimensions of a mid-tower chassis, and it maximizes airflow due to a combination of its features, such as a front cover mesh with “51% more porosity” (basically, the mesh allows air to pass through easily), three pre-installed 140mm ARGB cooling fans at the front, and one rear-mounted 140mm PWM to complete the picture.

(Source: Montech)

What’s more, the lighting effects of four pre-installed fans are controlled at the touch of its LED button, allowing you to toggle between 21 RGB modes. Alas, this feature isn’t available on the Air 903 Base.

The Air 903 Base (black).

Instead, the Air 903 Base comes with slightly less aggressive cooling via three pre-installed 140mm PWM cooling fans (a pair at the front and one at the rear).

The Air 903 series chassis can accommodate your PC components of choice, including:

  • The latest NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics cards or AMD RX 7000 series ones
  • High-performance CPU tower coolers with a height clearance of up to 180mm
  • Liquid cooling solutions with radiators that range from 120- to 360mm, with front and top mounting options
  • PSU clearance length of up to 240mm

There are also options to swap out the 140mm cooling fans for 120mm ones; at the front, the chassis supports up to a triplet of the latter at its front and top. In case you are worried about those nogging dust bunnies, there are dust filters at the same locations. You can also choose to mount a pair of 120mm cooling fans below the PSU cage for added intake airflow.

The Montech Air 903 series chassis are listed on Amazon:

However, there may be shipping restrictions to Singapore (when we last checked). A cursory Internet search revealed local IT distributor Tech Dynamic offering the Air 903 Max for S$99. Head to the Montech portal for more details about the Air 903 Max and the Air 903 Base.

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