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Moment launches 3rd-gen lenses for Android phones and Apple's modern iPhones

By Cookie Monster - on 18 Aug 2023, 9:50am

Moment launches 3rd-gen lenses for Android phones and Apple's modern iPhones

The Moment T-series mobile lenses.

Moment, the maker of photography accessories for phones, announced the launch of its third-generation mobile lenses for modern smartphones. 

The Moment T-series lenses are completely redesigned to support the bigger camera phone sensors. The company says the T-Series lenses have 25% more glass and a 20% bigger bayonet interface that supports wider main cameras and cameras with sensor shift stabilisation.

These new features enable the T-series to have increased resolution and improved MTF scores for sharper images.

In addition, Moment expanded the compatibility of the T-series lenses to all of the latest iPhone and Android phones including the iPhone 13 and newer models, and Pixel 7 and newer models.

The use of a threaded front ring ensures a firm filter mounting and supports a wide variety of future hood designs.

The Moment T-series consists of five lenses, which are: 

  1. Anamorphic 1.33x and 1.55x: comes with blue flares for vintage 1960s, JJ Abrams-esque vibes, and gold flares for warm, aesthetic look of a classic Pre-36 anamorphic lens. Both 1.33x and 1.55x lenses cost US$149.99 (~S$203) each.
  2. Tele 58mm: doubles as a portrait and zoom lens with 2x or 4x optical zoom, and adds a natural bokeh effect. It is priced at US$149.99 (~S$203).
  3. Wide 18mm: offers same ultra-wide view as the Ultra-Wide camera on the iPhone, but with less distortion. It costs US$129.99 (~S$176).
  4. Fisheye 14mm: a super wide-angle lens with a 200-degree field of view and no dark corners or vignetting. It is priced at US$119.99 (~S$163).
  5. Macro 10x: offers a close-up view of objects. Its price tag is US$119.99 (~S$163).

A thing to note about Moment's lenses is that you need to use them with a compatible Moment case. The new T-series lenses, Moment cases and other accessories can now be purchased from Moment's website.

Source: Moment

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