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Miele’s new WT-1 washer-dryer cleans single items in an hour

By Liu Hongzuo - on 13 Aug 2021, 2:19pm

Miele’s new WT-1 washer-dryer cleans single items in an hour

Miele WT1 washer-dryer.

Washer-dryers are space-saving, so the next logical step forward for these home appliances would be helping to save time. Miele’s latest WT1 washer-dryer model now offers Single Wash&Dry - a crucial feature for people who need that one garment ready by the next hour.

According to Miele, the Single Wash&Dry option on the Miele WT1 can wash and dry an individual item in under an hour. Furthermore, the feature can be combined with other programmes - like “Shirts”, “Delicates”, or “Minimum Iron” - so it’s highly convenient and capable for almost any type of appointment you might have coming up (that requires a clean outfit). 

Naturally, the WT1 also functions as a typical washer-dryer for bigger laundry loads. It offers an increased 8kg wash-only capacity and 5kg for drying. It packs at least 12 different washing programmes for a wide range of materials - from “trainers” made for washing sneakers to “denim”, where the machine helps to retain colours on darker garments. Even its 10 drying programmes help ensure that different materials receive the right treatment.

The Miele WT1 is also a connected appliance. Through the Miele app, the WT1 and other new washer-dryer models can use features like AddLoad, where you can load or unload laundry until the end of the wash cycle. CareAssistant lets you extend anti-crease settings, which can buy you some time (up to 240 minutes) if you’re not ready to unload the machine. TimeAssistant lets you know if there will be any delays in the drying cycle, since that can be unpredictable at times.

Several other features unique to Miele also returns to the WT1, such as PowerWash and QuickPower Wash&Dry - the latter can handle 4kg loads of washing and drying in under three hours. In addition, Miele’s TwinDos automatic detergent system is also present; according to the brand, it uses 30% less detergent than manual dosing. 

The new Miele WT1 is currently available in Singapore, and you can check it out via its online catalogue here.

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