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Microsoft's new Surface Pro available to pre-order and here are the prices (Updated)

By Vijay Anand - on 13 Aug 2017, 9:00am

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro availability in Singapore is imminent; pre-order begins today!

This is Microsoft's new Surface Pro. Looks a lot like the existing models, but the devil is in the details, which Microsoft spent much time to refine.

Back in late May, Microsoft officially launched their long awaited Surface Pro 4 replacement - the new Surface Pro. However, Singapore wasn't one of the launch markets and that upset several loyal fans and Microsoft followers who believed in the Surface mantra.

After much anticipation, Microsoft is bringing the new Surface Pro to our sunny shores of Singapore on 15th August.

However, you don't have to wait long to get in to action as Microsoft is launching a massive pre-order campaign of the new Surface Pro with several retail channels and partners that begins today, 20th July.

New Surface Pro local pricing details

Beyond the above listed standard Surface Pro models, there is also a 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM equipped Core i7 model that's exclusive to the Microsoft Online Store. How much does it cost? S$3,888.

You might be interested to know that the retail launch prices of the new Surface Pro models are a little lower than when the Surface Pro 4 first launched. But there's a catch - the new Surface Pro notebooks will no longer be bundled with the Surface Pen.  The Surface Pen is now an optional purchase at S$148, much like how the Type Cover has been sold previously. So if you really do want the full Surface Pro experience, do remember to add in the cost of the Type Cover (S$199), the Surface Pen (S$148) and while you're at it, even the Surface Arc Mouse ($118) to complete the full notebook and tablet ecosystem aspects.

Frequently asked question: Can you use an older Surface Pro Type Cover for the new Surface Pro?

  • Answer: Yes you can! All the Surface Pro devices to-date use the same accessory port. So an accessory like a Type Cover, can be used on new and old Surface devices alike. You can also purchase the new colorful Type Cover for your existing Surface device. Of course, physical size may not be exactly compatible if your Type Cover is from the Surface Pro 2 and older days, but Type Covers originating from the Surface Pro 3 onwards are size compatible with the new Surface Pro.

The new Surface Pro Type Covers come in nice modern colors.

What's good about the new Surface Pro?

In a nutshell, the new Surface Pro, while looking similar to the previous iteration, has been massively refined in several areas like being thinner, lighter, more powerful, longer battery life, quieter operation, and much more. Coming in just two months after the first wave's retail availability, it's not such a bad wait after all. If only Microsoft had foreplaned the rollout, it would have eased the tension off early adopters and Surface supporters that Microsoft was ignoring this region; we don't blame them since Microsoft has chosen not to launch certain products in this region such as the Surface Book and the Surface Laptop.

Back to the Surface Pro, thankfully, it's coming and the local pricing details of the new Surface Pro models and its accessories are as listed above.

Did you know some models sport a fanless design?

From our findings with the Surface product team previously, take note that the Intel Core m3 and Core i5 processor models are completely fanless designs, which means these Surface Pro units operate whisper quiet. Only the Intel Core i7 processor models are equipped with a cooling fan, thus the internal cooling design differs from the lower priced models. This is because the Surface Pro finally boasts Intel’s 7th generation Core processor (Kaby Lake), which guarantees better performance, improved power savings and a better graphics core. The exact CPU models used are Core m3-7Y30, Core i5-7300U and Core i7-7660U processors.

Where can you pre-order it?

Here's where you can pre-order the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2-in-1 notebook from 20th July:-

Pre-order for commercial customers is also available via Authorized Device Resellers including AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd, Insight Technology Solutions Pte Ltd, JK Technology Pte Ltd, SoftwareOne Pte Ltd and UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd.

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Optional purchaseThe Brydge 12.3 keyboard transforms the Surface Pro into a true laptop with optional storage

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