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Microsoft Surface Pro Available in Singapore on 3 June from S$1198

By Leo Boon Yeow - on 28 May 2013, 12:02am

Microsoft's Surface Pro PC To be Available in Singapore on 3 June 2013

Back in late April, we reported that the Surface Pro will be arriving before the end of June. We now have confirmation that the Surface Pro will be available slightly sooner than that. In fact it will be available for sale on 3 June 2013. Like the Surface RT launch, it will be available at 20 major Challenger retail stores in Singapore. Additionally, this time round the Surface Pro will also be retailing at the following Harvey Norman and Newstead Stores around Singapore. 

Harvey Norman

  • Parkway Parade
  • Centrepoint
  • Funan DigitalLife Mall
  • Millenia Walk
  • Square 2


  • Jurong Point
  • DigitalStyle @ Funan DigitalLife Mall
  • IMM
  • nex
  • Sim Lim Square #03-90/91


Like the Surface RT, the Surface Pro is priced quite competitively. At S$1,198 for the 64GB model, and S$1,328 for the 128GB model, they are only slightly higher than their US launch price of US$899 (~S$1135) and US$999 (~S$1264) respectively.

Microsoft Surface Pro
Price (Inclusive of GST)
64GB Edition S$1,198
128GB Edition S$1,328

To recap, the Surface Pro machine is essentially a 10-inch tablet with Ultrabook-like specifications and runs the Windows 8 Pro OS. It has a regular notebook processor, 4GB of RAM and a very fast SSD. For the full details of all you need to know about the Microsoft Surface Pro, we've an a very detailed review for you. If you're not sure if you should buy a Surface RT or Surface Pro, we've got you covered on that as well.

What you have to take note now, is that like the Surface RT, the operating system alone takes up quite a bit of space on the Surface Pro as well (about 20GB or so). With a full fledged Windows 8 Pro operating system that allows installation of any modern app or conventional windows applications (including games), there's not much available space on your device if you opt for the 64GB model. In our opinion, it might be prudent to spend a bit more for the 128GB version to give you more headroom. 

Also making a special appearance in conjunction with the launch of the Surface Pro, are the Magenta and Red color Touch Covers that were noticeably missing from the Surface RT launch. Prices for the new Touch Covers as well as the Type Cover remain the same at $168, and $183 respectively. If you're going to typing a lot on the Surface Pro, we suggest getting a Type Cover as it's  tactile keyboard that gives a much better typing experience. However, take note that it's only available in black. For more accessory options to improve the usability of your Surface Pro, here's the list of items that will also be immediately available for sale:

Accessory Price (Inclusive of GST)
Touch Cover (Black, White, Cyan, Magenta, or Red) S$168
Type Cover (Black) S$183
Wedge Touch Mouse Limited Edition Surface Model S$89
48W Power Charger S$118
USB to Ethernet for Surface Pro S$58
VGA Adapter for Surface Pro S$58
HDMI Adapter for Surface Pro S$58
Stylus Pen S$44


Launch Promotion

The launch promotion for the Surface Pro is slightly different from that of the Surface RT. Instead of getting promotions on the covers, buyers will be able to get a free TP-Link M5350 3G mobile router worth S$150 (partially to offset the fact that there's no built-in 3G connectivity on the Surface Pro). This offer will only be valid while stocks last, and is limited to one redemption per unit of Surface Pro purchased (up to a maximum of three). This promotion is available only from 3rd June to 9th June.

For buyers who opt to also purchase Office 365 Home Premium (1-year subscription) when they buy a Surface Pro tablet, they will get a second year of subscription for free! To redeem, simply email your purchase invoice (which must show your purchase of a Surface Pro and a 1-year subscription of Office 365 Home Premium in the same receipt) to Once verified, a product key for the extra year will be emailed to the user. This offer is valid for a longer period and is applicable from 3rd June to 30th June, but it is also subjected to one redemption per unit of Surface Pro purchased (up to a maximum of three).

Riding on the launch of the Surface Pro launch, Microsoft is also offering a promotion for Surface RT whereby each purchase of a Surface RT (any edition), will be eligible for a free Touch Cover that's worth S$168. So if you missed the previous launch offer, now's the time to act! This offer is valid only from 3rd June to 9th June.

Support Matters

Similar to the Surface RT, the Surface Pro will come with a year of limited international warranty, and 90 days of assisted phone/chat support. Customers are encouraged to register their Surface Pro to prevent any delays when they face hardware problems. Like the Surface RT, customers can do a one-to-one exchange with their retailer (Challenger, Harvey Norman and Newstead) in the first seven days if their device fails. 

After the seven-day window period, you would have to sign-in to the Microsoft Online Service Center for troubleshooting. If a hardware issue is identified, a ticket will be issued. You'd then be asked to drop off the defective unit at a Cyberactive outlet of your choice and pick up the replacement unit. Again, the unit has to undergo a check on the spot to ensure that it's eligible for exchange.

No 3G Edition of Surface Tablets

If you're holding out in the hopes that Microsoft will be launching a 3G (or LTE) model in the next couple of months, you're out of luck. According to Microsoft, there are no plans for any Surface devices with 3G (or LTE) support. However, the representatives we spoke to were confident that future Surface devices would feature mobile data connectivity. We reckon a "Haswell" refresh is installed for the Surface Pro much later in the year which will also incorporate this feature.

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