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Microsoft’s Windows 10 S will be called ‘S Mode’ instead

By Koh Wanzi - on 5 Feb 2018, 6:37pm

Microsoft’s Windows 10 S will be called ‘S Mode’ instead

Microsoft is taking a new approach to Windows 10 S, its Chrome OS rival that offers a lighter version of Windows by limiting users to Microsoft Store apps only. According to Thurrott and Neowin, the company is planning a new “S Mode” for Windows 10 Home, Enterprise, and Pro, effectively dropping Windows 10 S as a standalone product.

There are few functional differences between S Mode and existing versions of Windows 10 S, and it also locks down the operating system so it only runs apps from the Microsoft Store. Still, the shift from a separate OS to a “mode” that you can toggle off appears a tacit acknowledgement of the general reception of it.

Thurrott reports that while 60 per cent of Windows 10 S users remain on the OS, 60 per cent of those who end up switching do so in the first 24 hours of receiving their device. Clearly, those who switch know what they want, and it feels more intuitive to be able to opt-out of the mode instead of upgrading to a separate product.

S Mode will now be more closely tied to the full version of Windows 10, in the sense that the barriers to upgrade are lower, depending on which version of the OS you want to run.

For instance, Microsoft is reportedly planning to allow PCs running on S Mode to upgrade to Windows 10 Home for free. On the other hand, those who want Windows 10 Pro may have to pay US$49 to get full access.

This could also pave the way for more PCs to ship with S Mode enabled, but there’s still no confirmation as to when the new approach will kick in.

Source: Neowin

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