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Microsoft redesigns Skype with Snapchat-inspired features

By Liu Hongzuo - on 2 Jun 2017, 11:37am

Microsoft redesigns Skype with Snapchat-inspired features

Skype, the Internet video-calling service that was acquired by Microsoft some six years ago, will finally be getting a major facelift. The latest Skype redesign will come with three main sections, most of which that resemble existing features found in other messaging services like Snapchat.

The new interface now comes with three sections: Find, Chat, and Capture. Find is a search function that lets you dig into your conversations. It can also find images, restaurants, or certain third-party content from YouTube or Giphy for use.

Chat is very similar to WhatsApp – it’s the main text messaging section with a new take on group conversations and a feed that offers options for pictures and emojis. Capture, on the other hand, takes after Snapchat, since it immediately starts your camera up for photo- and video-taking.

Yes, there’s also Highlights, which is similar to Stories on Instagram, which in turn is nearly identical to Snapchat Stories. Skype now allows its users to post a stream of short clips and images for friends to view, and viewers can reply using emoticons, too. The Highlights are only temporarily available to each contact’s followers, allowing Skype users to constantly update with new content for all to see.

Calls are also getting an overhaul. You can drag and drop individuals into calls, and react with emotes during calls.

Android OS will get the redesigned Skype first, starting from today. Updates will follow for other operating systems – iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Source: Reuters, The Verge

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