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Microsoft and Oracle have joined forces for their cloud services

By Wong Chung Wee - on 6 Jun 2019, 11:18am

Microsoft and Oracle have joined forces for their cloud services

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft and Oracle have decided to link their cloud services together in a joint agreement that was inked yesterday. This agreement by the two companies to work together will allow customers to benefit from the best features of Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Customers will also be able to customize their solutions from both platforms according to their varied needs.

According to Reuters, both companies will established high-speed network links between their data centers so that customers will be able to seamlessly switch between services from each provider. This will also extend to customer support services and UX as customers will ultimately only require a single sign-on account for services from both.

Reuters also observed that this massive collaboration came about as Microsoft and Oracle are both pursuing large enterprises and governments, who are looking to port their data centers to third party cloud-based solutions. This move is also seen as a direct challenge to Amazon Web Services.

Gartner analyst Ed Anderson pointed out a possible caveat as to whether customers will be charged hefty fees for porting their data back and forth between services; however, he did add that most customers will benefit from this agreement. This is especially so for customers who are already using services from both providers.

Source: Microsoft, Oracle via Reuters

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