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You can now send HD photos, create shared albums, and files up to 100MB in Messenger

By Shawn Tan - on 15 Apr 2024, 8:40am

You can now send HD photos, create shared albums, and files up to 100MB in Messenger

You can send HD photos and share files up to 100MB on Messenger. (Image source: Meta)

Meta just announced several upgrades for its Messenger app. 

You can now send HD photos on Messenger. You can turn the HD toggle on and tap send when selecting photos from the chat composer. 

To be clear, Messenger already supported HD photos of up to 4K previously, but they were more compressed and were dependent on the network conditions of both the sender and receiver. The latest update reduces the amount of compression, which should be crisper photos.

In addition, you can create albums of photos and videos to share with friends. To create an album in a group chat, you select multiple images from the chat composer and tap "Create album".

For existing albums, just tap "Add to album". Everyone in the group chat can view, add, delete, and download photos and videos from the shared album. 

If you need to send big files via Messenger, you will be glad to know it supports file transfer of up to 100MB. This is a big increase from the previous limit of just 25MB. That said, consider that a short 20-second clip shot in 4K on an iPhone 15 Pro is already over 130MB. Major file formats such as Word, PDF, and Excel are supported.

Last, but not least, Messenger enables you to add new friends by scanning their QR code. You can go to your Settings and tap the QR code icon at the top and it will generate a QR code for people to scan. 

These features will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

Source: Meta

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