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Meta adds new controls to Facebook Reels for more personalisation

By Liu Hongzuo - on 3 May 2023, 2:15pm

Meta adds new controls to Facebook Reels for more personalisation

Facebook Reels gets "Show More, Show Less" options for better user personalisation.

Meta announced a few changes to Facebook Reels to make its short video platform more relatable, relevant, and enjoyable to the people who use it. 

In its official announcement, Meta said it is introducing new personalisation controls for Reels, allowing users to customise and skew its algorithms to show you videos you want. 

Examples of its Show More, Show Less options when browsing Facebook Reels or interacting with its options.

This option is tucked away in the Reel’s three-dot menu at the bottom, and users can tap on either Show More (if they want more of such content) or Show Less (to de-prioritise less relevant ones).

Meta is adding contextual labels that explain why certain videos appear on your feed. Examples include a friend liking a Reel.

The short video format is also getting a minor UI change, where Reels is now under the main navigation menu, at the top of the Facebook Watch segment. Meta is also blending the scrolling of Reels and long-form videos into one. 

According to Meta, Reels have been shared by its users more than two billion times a day, doubling in number over the last six months.

Source: Meta (newsroom)

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