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The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class goes all out on digital displays, hybridity, and efficiency

By Kenny Yeo - on 7 May 2023, 11:20am

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class goes all out on digital displays, hybridity, and efficiency

Note: This article was first published on 26 April 2023.

The new W214 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Image source: Mercedes-Benz)

Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled the new E-Class. Although the E-Class is not the best-seller that it once was, there's no question that the reputation that Mercedes enjoys today was largely built on the back of this mid-size saloon.

The new E-Class (codename W214) makes a good first impression. The car looks handsome thanks to headlights that integrate neatly with the grille. The bonnet has a "power dome" – a design cue that Mercedes has been including in most of its new models – and it has a sleek side profile. 

(Image source: Mercedes-Benz)

Alongside special sealing around the bonnet, spoilers in front of each wheel, and an aerodynamically-optimised underbody, the E-Class has a drag coefficient of 0.23, which is remarkable for a car with a functional front grille.

As you'd expect, the new E-Class is both longer and wider than its predecessor, which is handy because it packs even more tech and features.

Behold, the MBUX Superscreen. (Image source: Mercedes-Benz)

The big news inside is the optional new MBUX Superscreen, which consists of no less than three huge digital displays that dominate the entire front cabin. There's a digital dash for the driver, a large centre infotainment display, and another digital display for the front passenger.

Mercedes says the passenger-side display can be used to stream videos and install apps like Angry Birds, Tik Tok, and even Zoom. The screen also uses filters to ensure the driver can't see what's on the screen and get distracted.

Rear legroom looks good. (Image source: Mercedes-Benz)

And speaking of displays, owners can equip their E-Class with an optional camera that's integrated into the dash and can tell if the driver is getting sleepy and warn them accordingly if they nod off. Also, it looks like there are no physical HVAC controls, which, I think, is a bad idea and one of the things I found annoying about the C-Class.

As expected, the new E-Class will come with a variety of four and six-cylinder engine options, including petrol and diesel versions, and even hybrid models. Power will range from 194hp to 375hp and all models will use Mercedes' new 9-speed automatic gearbox.

(Image source: Mercedes-Benz)

The hybrid models are interesting because apart from their high power outputs, they also feature greater electric-only driving range. Mercedes claims the battery (25.4kWh) is good for up to 100km.

All in all, the new E-Class looks like a sensible update that keeps Mercedes' mainstay saloon fresh and competitive. My only criticism at this point is that it probably looks too much like the C and S-Class. I'll leave it to you to make up your mind whether that's a good or bad thing.


Availability and pricing

No word yet on local availability and pricing, but we'll update this article once we know more. That said, seeing that the current-generation E-Class starts at just under S$392,000, it's safe to assume that this new model will likely breach the S$400,000 mark if COE prices maintain.

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