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Meet the new Vacheron Constantin pocket watch that has more complications than an Apple Watch

By Kenny Yeo - on 18 Sep 2015, 12:03pm

Meet the new Vacheron Constantin pocket watch that has more complications than an Apple Watch

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 "Tivoli"

It's no secret that mechanical watches are more complex and difficult to build than a digital quartz watch. A simple three-hand mechanical watch alone usually consists of around 100 or so tiny parts, with some parts only as thick as a human's hair. Imagine then, the complexity involved a building a timepiece that has more complications that an Apple Watch.

In the world of Apple, complications refer to the small elements on the watch face that display and give quick access to frequently used data. Likewise in horology, complications refer to any feature beyond the simple display of time. Your typical Apple Watch face would have around three or five complications. Ah, you might argue at this point that an Apple Watch also has apps that can do more. But get this, this new pocket watch has a staggering 57 complications, with some so complex that Apple doesn't even have apps for.

There are 2800 parts in there.

The pocket watch in question is the Reference 57260 "Tivoli", which was commissioned by an anonymous client and built to commemorate Vacheron Constantin's 260th anniversary. It took Vacheron Constantin's 8 years to design and build, and it has two dials and consists of a whopping 2800 parts. It displays so much information that its owner would probably need to take a week-long course just to understand what is going on and how to operate it.

To put it briefly, some notable complications it has includes, a five-gong grande and petite sonnerie, world time, star chart, equation of time, sidereal time, double retrograde split-seconds chronograph, Gregorian perpetual calendar, Hebrew perpetual calendar, lunar calendar, and many, many more. Topping it all off is an advanced triple-axis tourbillon that uses nothing less than a spherical hairspring for better chronometric performance, a rarity amongst even high-end watches.

The 57 complications on the Reference 57260 also means that it dethrones the previous record holder - Patek Philippe's Calibre 89 which has 33 and was made in 1989 to celebrate Patek Philippe's 150th anniversary.

To get an idea of how many complications the Reference 57260 has, check out the images below.

The front dial.

The rear dial.

The Reference 57260 is also as big as it is complicated. The white gold case is 98mm in diameter and over 50mm thick. It also weighs slightly less than a kilogram.

Although Vacheron Constantin declined to reveal how much the Reference 57260 cost, watch experts have placed an estimate of well over US$10 million and close to perhaps even US$20 million.

Source: Watches by SJX, Hodinkee

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