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MediaTek demos Wi-Fi 7 with speeds that can potentially hit 40Gbps

By Kenny Yeo - on 25 Jan 2022, 10:24am

MediaTek demos Wi-Fi 7 with speeds that can potentially hit 40Gbps

(Image source: MediaTek)

MediaTek says it has conducted the world's live demonstration of Wi-Fi 7. The company is currently showcasing two demos to "key customers and industry collaborators."

Unsurprisingly, Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) promises to offer dramatically better performance than Wi-Fi 6. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi 7 could deliver speeds of "at least" 30Gbps and could even reach 40Gbps. To put that number into context, that would be as fast as a Thunderbolt 3 connection.

Even though Wi-Fi 7 will work on existing 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz spectrums, the reason it can hit these speeds is because it supports 320MHz wide channels and 4K quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) technology. This enables it to deliver significantly higher speeds even with the same number of antennas and streams.

Additionally, MediaTek's Filogic technology, which combines multiple channels on different frequency bands to mitigate congestion, can possibly attain even faster and more consistent connections in real-world scenarios.

Alan Hsu, corporate vice president and general manager of the Intelligent Connectivity business at MediaTek, said:

The rollout of Wi-Fi 7 will mark the first time that Wi-Fi can be a true wireline/Ethernet replacement for super high-bandwidth applications. MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 technology will be the backbone of home, office and industrial networks and provide seamless connectivity for everything from multi-player AR/VR applications to cloud gaming and 4K calls to 8K streaming and beyond. 

While this sounds very exciting, it will take a little while yet before we see Wi-Fi 7 products hit the shelves. Reports say Wi-Fi 7 devices will only be available in retail next year

Furthermore, like any new networking standard, you'll need compatible routers and client devices to take full advantage of these new speeds.

Source: MediaTek

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