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May 3rd Galaxy Event: S-Cloud Service As Well?

By Wong Casandra - on 23 Apr 2012, 6:09pm

May 3rd Galaxy Event: S-Cloud Service As Well?

Source: BGR

Well, we know that a new Galaxy smartphone will most probably make its appearance at the May 3rd Galaxy event in London, and so far we have heard much about the alleged successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S III - from a recent teaser site, leaked video, and alleged specs. Now, there's more talk about Samsung unveiling another new product at the event - its own cloud service to rival iCloud, dubbed S-Cloud.

The Verge - "... Maeil Business says it's similar to iCloud but without any limitations on the type of content you can upload. It is also expected to ship with access to popular TV shows, movies, and music with free and paid content that will be available across a range of Samsung devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Storage is rumored to be "more than 5GB," but it's not clear whether that's down to paid offerings. There were hints that Samsung delayed the service after problems finding a suitable cloud storage partner, but Maeil Business claims that Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to ensure S-Cloud is available globally."

The S-Cloud service will certainly complement the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and pit it even closely against its rival, the iPhone. Further strengthening its ecosystem will be highly instrumental in keeping customers loyal to a brand, especially in a day and age where consumers no longer stick firmly to one. Will the rumors be true? We will only find out at the event so stay tuned for our event coverage.

Source: The Verge via MK

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